Christmas Message 2022

Nepal Thalassaemia Society Christmas 2022


Dear All


I hope this finds you all well and enjoying the Christmas preparations.


This year I write with wonderful, inspiring, and very happy news.


As you will know over the years Durga dhai and I have been working with the Nepalese Government to encourage them to take over the care of all thalassaemic patients in Nepal, to provide their life saving blood transfusions, essential medicines, and other much needed care for free.  


NTS UK has provided most of the funds to care for the children for over 12 years whilst lobbying the Government.


This year our dream has come true, although in the early stages, care of our, over 250, patients is now taken care of in Kanthi Children’s Hospital and BIR Adult Hospital in Kathmandu.  A small room has been allocated in both hospitals especially for the treatment of thalassaemia patients.


This miracle means that ALL current and yet to be diagnosed patients in Nepal will be entitled to free treatment for their whole lives.  


Our NTS Clinic office remains open and running to fully support both patients and families through their thalassaemia journey.


Durga dhai and I would like to give you all our sincere thanks for all that you have done to support us over the past 18 years, what has been achieved is monumental and could never have been reached without YOU.  You have all at some point, some for many years, supported us in so many ways.  Our children will be forever grateful to you.  You have saved so many little lives.


It is my hope that within a year I will be able to close our UK Registered Charity and NTS Nepal will be totally independent.  


Of course, our story will not end there! Durga dhai and I have so much more we would like to do, awareness, prevention and fine tuning of the Government Service. We will both be working in the background in a less pressured role now that the hard work has been done.


We wish you a wonderful, healthy, and happy Christmas from us, our children and all of their families whose lives you have touched.


With Love Wendy and Durga dhai.