Bradley Stoke Rotary Club

Bradley Stoke Rotary Club donate £1500.00 helping us keep the Kathmandu transfusion center running.

To Bradley Stoke Rotary Club.   7/2/20


It is with a warm heart that I am writing to thank you for your enormous donation of £1500.00.

I know that a great deal of work went into applying for a grant that was then matched by yourselves.   This amount is a massive help to me in my quest to keep my life saving blood transfusion centre in Kathmandu, Nepal up and running.  Last year we provided over 3000 transfusions.

We currently care for over 240 very sick children who need a blood transfusion once every 2 weeks to stay alive.  Without our clinic there would be no hope for many of the children.  These children are no different to our own with a zest for a life full of hopes and dreams.

Thalassaemia is a genetic blood disorder that affects children whose parents are carriers of the thalassaemia gene.  There is no cure and generally children do not make it into their teens.  In the UK the oldest patient is 70 years old.

Over the past 18 years myself and my clinic partner, Durga Pathak, have made it our mission to have thalassaemia recognized in Nepal and in turn lobby the Government into allocating a budget for the care of thalassaemia patients.  We hope that within the next 5 years we will have reached our goal and that every single child born with the disorder in Nepal will be entitled to free comprehensive care and treatment.

Until that time Durga and I continue to work together to keep our little clinic open.  We could never do this without the love and kindness of people like you.  Your donation will provide 750 lifesaving blood transfusions.  I thank you sincerely with all my heart on behalf of every child and family we care for.


Nepal Thalassaemia Society (Registered Charity No. 1167957)